Bore Hole

Clean Water 33% Goal: $100,000 DONATE NOW Clean Water – Bore Hole A school of approximately 300 students in Ghana, is in urgent need of a bore hole to provide the students with clean water. At this point the school has no water for the students to drink. Please help us by donating money, materials, […]

Feeding Program

Medical Equipment 11% Goal: $100,000 DONATE NOW Feeding Progam Our feeding programs have allowed us to reach scores of less fortunate in Antigua West Indies, Pennsylvania USA, New York, NY USA, Guyana South America & Liberian Africa. We welcome any group or individual who would like to partner with us or make special donations to […]

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment 57% Goal: $100,000 DONATE NOW Medical Equipment Our org has connected many underprivileged individuals and or organizations both locally and overseas with medical equipment. Our gifts include but are not limited to hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, pampers, commode, blood pressure & blood sugar monitors, bedsheets, clutches, walking cane, etc. We do accept new […]

Computer Drive

Computer Drive 33% Goal: $50,000 DONATE NOW Computer Drive Due to the recent pandemic, many children in the areas we serve were forced to join online classrooms, we have recognized that many underprivileged children are at a great disadvantage since they do not have the necessary computer or tablet to be online. Our org has […]