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LitRock Outreach Services provides humanitarian services to impoverished individuals and families at no cost.

Various Causes

Feeding Program

Our feeding programs have allowed us to reach scores of less fortunate in Antigua West Indies, Pennsylvania USA ...

Goal: $50,000

Medical Equipment

Our org has connected many underprivileged individuals and or organizations both locally and overseas with medical equipment.

Goal: $100,000

Computer Equipment

Due to the recent pandemic, many children in the areas we serve were forced to join online classrooms, we have recognized that many ...

Goal: $100,000

Help underprivileged kids get back to school

LITROCK Org welcomes any financial help, sponsorship, or electronic equipment assistance to help kids get back to school.

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers work hard to ensure that we reach as many people as we can.

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It’s strange to think that at the heart of one of the most densely populated places on the planet ...

A nonprofit must serve the public in some way, whether through the offering of goods, services ...

Running an environmentally friendly organization is no longer an optional extra. But being known ...